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“Inspiration and effectiveness always wax and wane together—both the quality and quantity of output are directly influenced by our level of inspiration at any given time.”  -Lance Secretan

Work-Life Empowerment Strategist training professional women who struggle with losing themselves in their work, Nicole Joette Nelson is fiercely committed to empower women to reclaim their energy and stand on their strengths so that they can lead with less effort and more impact. Nicole’s Work Life Empowerment program enables professional women to experience a simple proven system for regaining energy, enthusiasm, self certainty and direction.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to achieve success and sustain satisfaction without abandoning yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Nicole is dedicated to helping the professional woman realize a 'new normal': one where she is clear-minded enough to get done what is important (not just urgent), one where she is confidently connected to her sense of inner direction (instead of enduring the draining demands of everyone else), one where she is enthusiastically engaged in the gift that is today...even if today is Monday!

With 15 years of experience working with amazing clients having similar worries and concerns, Nicole started her career in a Fortune 500 leadership development program for sales and marketing after earning a BS of Biology in pre-medical studies. She became passionate about the subject of work life empowerment because, as she watched the daily interactions in her all-female departments, she took note of certain unintentional trends.

She saw how professional women stopped caring about how they feel and how chronic mental exhaustion, slowly and steadily, destroyed their well-being, dampened their personalities and damaged their sense of purpose...not to mention their productivity and job satisfaction.

“When we work hard on something we believe in, it's called passion. When we work hard on something we don't believe in, it's called stress” - Simon Sinek

Nicole’s path to become a Work Life Empowerment strategist became clear in her early twenties.

“I found myself stuck on the hamster wheel of “higher, faster, farther” and sort of lost track of where I was. You can imagine how I felt when I finally realized how I was trying to make life easier for everyone else but, in the meantime, I was struggling…and it hurt my health.

You can imagine how frightening it was for me when doctors couldn’t identify specific causes for my problems. I suffered repeating episodes of difficulties with weight gain, 6 month long sinus infections, heart palpitations, 5 months of severe IBS, allergies and even skin rashes like eczema. But doctors told me I was healthy and young.

Meanwhile, it was like my body just couldn’t keep up with everything I had going on…

I unconsciously tried to make up for low energy levels with sugary snacks and Starbucks ...but that just landed me in the latest fad diet dealing with a low level anxiety problem.

Finally, it took a winter car accident (me colliding with a tractor trailer truck) to effectively wake me up to the trajectory of my life... I lost myself in my job.

I remember coming home after that accident looking at the blinking lights in my home office saying to myself ‘there’s got to be more to life than this, right?’ ”

What Nicole wants for you, as a result of what she has been through, is to amplify the ease of your work and life so that you can feel freed, fueled, and inspired to bring the best of yourself to work every day….no matter what.

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Clients say remarkable things about the impact Nicole’s work has had on their life as a result of their “well-being at work” success.  Join us in congratulating:

"You have leadership qualities yet you are respectful and your uplifting personality brings about feelings of hope and encouragement." -Kathy Q.

"I am not very familiar with the energy work however I did find it fascinating and did learn from you. You were able to clarify my "game" and help me to refocus - you reframed for me so that I can focus on joy and happiness instead of "doing something." I think you have a unique quality to help people identify problem areas and you offer assistance in helping them to redirect their energies." -Sue L.

“Thanks for all your help & support. Not sure I could have done this on my own...I am feeling great today! Did my EM routine & things are back to 100% amazing progress in such a short amount of time! (Pretty cool because it means people really CAN improve their life situation themselves) is MAGICAL. I have been telling everyone I know. I have now passed your info onto 3 people.” -Amy S.

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Similar benefits await when you decide to invite Nicole to serve in the powerful ways that she can help support your success.

“What lights me up about this work is knowing that you can save yourself from stuck, no matter who, and no matter what. It is possible to align your actions to your needs and your values so that you can not only enjoy, but appreciate, the whole of your life.”

A Harvard Business review article shared that "90% of women left their full-time jobs, not to care for their families, but because of workplace problems, chiefly frustration and long hours." Levels of stress-related illness are nearly twice as high for women compared to men. Job stress has been linked with heart disease, muscle/bone disorders, depression, and burnout.

--And while the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is working to find causes of workplace stress and possible ways to prevent it, "77% companies do not feel they have the right HR skills to address these issues...[and yet] 25% say it is urgent."

What sets Nicole apart from other consultants is a 5 step process not currently available from most HR departments.

Combining ancient healing techniques with modern leadership models, Nicole teaches her clients how to reap the rewards of personal renewal for professional gain. By first re-establishing a foundation of energetic balance in the client’s body and biofield, Nicole then coaches clients how to master modern leadership techniques. Specifically, she helps them discover how to inspire themselves, as they lead others, so that they can enjoy passionate productivity and sustain satisfaction without sacrificing themselves.

“When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. And when your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in the world. These are the ultimate reasons for energy medicine—to prepare the soil and nurture the blossom.” -Donna Eden

Modern leadership mastery, using the Higher Ground Leadership® model benefits not only you as a professional woman, but your organization as well.

It is a known fact that American workers, in general, are not particularly engaged at work but recent studies show that Millennials currently lead the pack: 71% are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work. This makes Millennials not only the largest but also the least engaged generation currently in the U.S. Of course, it is also well known that engagement is essential to retaining employees.

While far less materially-motivated than their predecessors, Millennials in their own way shop around...They shop around for jobs that authentically align with their needs and personal intentions.

“Staff turnover is one of the most important indicators of how well we are serving employees—even in industries that are notorious for high turnover. People stay with companies that serve and inspire them, and they leave companies that don’t—it’s as cut and dried as that.” Lance Secretan

Here’s why knowing this can change your life..

It is Nicole’s goal to allow you to align with your own needs and life goals so that you can make clearly confident choices and improve your bottom line...not only your job, but throughout your life. More than ever, employees need to know and act on the factors that make them feel whole because, only by doing so, can they help their workplace and society. Help your employer discover how to be more appealing by becoming an inspirational leader yourself and you can reduce the negative effects of workplace stress for yourself and others.

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In her spare time, Nicole really enjoys Argentine tango dancing, spending time with her two cats (Tango and Salsa), playing with the little-est members of her family, dreaming of having her own, piling DIY and decorating magazines next to a strong cup of tea or spending way too much money going on awe-inspiring retreats.

You can feel confident engaging Nicole to guide you, or your organization, to solve any work life empowerment problem. Over the years, her expertise has been earned by achieving:

  • a B.S. in Biology in preparation for pre-medical studies
  • integrative health certification in the leading edge techniques of Eden Energy Medicine and Access Bars
  • leadership coach certification in the world renowned Higher Ground LeadershipⓇ model, as well as
  • trusted advisor for both coach training and marketing to author Lance Secretan during his book launch of One: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership

Nicole has also been honored with remarkable and notable accolades including:

...eleven peer-recognition awards in twelve months for dependability, partnering, preparation & philanthropy at Johnson & Johnson, top ten sales ranking during three years,

...and two time recipient of a Northeast Regional Award for partnering at Johnson & Johnson...not to mention two promotions in under 12 months throughout her career life.

More importantly, the sum total of all these experiences resulted in tested techniques that Nicole now shares with her clients so that they can freed, fueled, and inspired to allow the best of themselves to contribute to their work and their home lives every day.

“I want you, like me, to wake up feeling strong, secure and confident that you are on the right path for you…and on the 3% of days that you don’t feel like that, you know right what to do in order to get back in alignment with yourself. I want you, like me, to be freed of those chronic health problems…people think I am 10 years younger today than at the time when I actually was!”

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It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire by designing your own Work Life Empowerment master plan. Let’s continue this conversation in the manner that suits you best....


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